January 13, 2017

The Burn Pits

The Burn Pits By Joseph Hickman 135pp $21.99 Hot Books 2016 There is reason to hope. Two years ago, I invited a former guard from Guantanamo Bay, Joseph Hickman, to speak to a class I was helping to teach at Duke University. Hickman had just blown the whistle on three suspicious deaths that had taken place at Gitmo and the students in Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) had just participated in a CSI simulation, using primary documents from the night of the event to put themselves into the shoes of government investigators. Like the courageous former US Marine and Army […]
January 6, 2017


Originally published in The Esquire Four Hesca Flying home from her tour of Iraq, Rochelle found herself next to a talkative passenger named Lynndie who clapped for her as the pilot announced the presence of service members. She was fat, Lynndie was, with elastic jeans and a black leather hip-pack. She had a front butt. She asked for Rochelle’s carton of soy milk, which Rochelle gave her since she wasn’t a big fan, and then Lynndie placed her hand on Rochelle’s knee, told her that she, Lynndie, had just been to this life-changing conference in Sedona, Arizona and now knew […]